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Unquestionably, the Islamic inheritance law has the most refined and intricate property distribution regulations in the civilized world. Islamic Inheritance is founded on a firm foundation that no other inheritance system possesses.

Muslims adhere to the rules outlined in the Quran. It is a Holy Book that contains knowledge of every aspect of our existence. Muslims live according to the guidelines contained in the Holy Quran. An additional crucial topic that every Muslim should understand is inheritance. Islamic jurisprudence addresses inheritances that are according to Islamic law. The Islamic will calculator assists in calculating the inheritance according to Islamic sharia law.

It is the right of every man and woman to inherit from a deceased relative. The distribution of property or shares among family members in accordance with the deceased's will is known as the inheritance of the will, revealed after the person's death, Calculated by an Islamic will calculator that lists all nominees.

The following are primary or immediate heirs:

  • The spouse (husband or 4 wives)
  • Offspring (son and daughter)
  • Parents (father, mother) (father, mother)
  • Grandchildren (son's son or daughter) *Only if the son has offspring and is already deceased)


  • Grandparents (paternal and maternal) (paternal and maternal)
  • Sisters and brothers (if father and son are not present)
  • Aunts and uncles (only if grandparents are not present)
  • Nieces and nephews (absence of brother and sisters only)


The Quran establishes the distribution norms, giving a man a share equal to that of two women. Sharia places a significant emphasis on inheritance. These regulations are carried out at the death of a Muslim.

  • Payment for funeral and burial expenses
  • If the dead had any debts, they must be paid with one-third of his or her estate, as stipulated in the will.
  • According to sharia law, divide the remaining among the decedent's relatives.

This is done to determine which relatives are entitled to inherit the estate.

The process is completed by the Islamic will calculator, which operates in accordance with Islamic sharia law. Consider the case of a deceased guy who left $200,000 in inheritance to the following heirs.

  • Father = 1
  • Mother =1
  • Wife = 1
  • Daughters = 2
  • Sons = 2
  • The amount will be distributed by putting the values in the Islamic will calculations, which can also be found online.
  • The share will go as follows to each heir
  • Total amount = 200,000
  • Father = 1/6, 33,333
  • Mother = 1/6, 33,333
  • Wife = 1/ 8, 25000
  • Daughter 1 = 13/144, 18055
  • Daughter 2 = 13/144, 18055
  • Son 1 = 13/72, 36111
  • Son 2 = 13/72, 36111

According to the Quran, the parents receive a sixth portion if the deceased leaves behind children.

So the parents will take the 24th part of the 144 parts.

The diseased wife will get the one by the 8th share if he leaves the children behind. So she gets 18 parts of the 144 parts.

For the daughters, the Quran has said the male share is equal to the shares of two females. So the daughters get 1/3, and the sons get 2/3.

Islamic will calculator doesn't limit to the heirs mentioned above. If there are no ascendants or decedents, but has left brother and sister. Each of them gets a 1/6 share.

If a woman dies with no child and a husband, her brothers take the inheritance.

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